Kia mōhio, kia mārama - te rongoā āraimate KOWHEORI-19 Get in the know - The COVID-19 Vaccine

Getting vaccinated helps protect ourselves and each other. Everyone’s decision counts, so we can keep doing the things we love. Communities with high vaccination rates are more likely to enjoy better health, stronger economies and greater freedom. 


Keeping whānau safe

Dr Mataroria Lyndon shares why being vaccinated helps protect ourselves and each other.

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He pēhea te mahi a te rongoā āraimate? How does the vaccine work?

The vaccine teaches our immune system to recognise and fight the virus. It can’t give you the disease because it doesn’t contain the virus. It doesn’t affect our DNA. The vaccine leaves your body within a few days, leaving your immune system ready to respond if you get COVID-19.

I pēhea te hanganga wawe o ngā rongoā āraimate KOWHEORI-19? How were COVID-19 vaccines developed?

It took a global effort to create the COVID-19 vaccines. But we didn’t start from scratch. Similar research into another virus (known as SARS) was already underway.

Other things helped.

  • Large amounts of funding were invested in research and manufacturing.
  • New technology was available.
  • Researchers, scientists and manufacturers around the world worked together.

As a result, the vaccines could be made faster, while still making sure they went through all the safety checks.

Manurewa Marae Vaccine Centre

Ka aha inā okaina ahau ki te rongoā āraimate? What will happen when I get the vaccine?

  • You will be asked to provide your details and give consent.
  • A fully trained vaccinator will give you the vaccine in your upper arm.
  • You will need to stay for at least 15 minutes after being vaccinated.
  • Some mild side effects are common and are a sign your body is learning to fight the virus.

For more information about side effects, visit the Side effects and reactions page on the Unite against COVID-19 website.

Common side effects

People getting vaccinated

Ka kaha kē atu te āraitia o te KOWHEORI-19 mehemea ahau ka okaina ki te okanga taunaki? Will getting a booster shot make me more protected from COVID-19?

Yes, a booster shot provides more protection against COVID-19. For those who are not at risk, two doses of the vaccine and a booster shot is recommended. For those at risk of severe illness from COVID-19, a second booster shot is recommended.  

Āhea āhei ai ahau ki te whiwhi rongoā āraimate? When can I get vaccinated?

Everyone aged five and over can get the vaccine.

To book a vaccination appointment for your whānau and tamariki, call the COVID Vaccination Healthline team on 0800 28 29 26. You can also use our online map tool to find a kaupapa Māori vaccination clinic near you.

Find a clinic

Ka pēhea tā te pūnaha rama ārahi? How does the traffic light system work?

The traffic light system is designed to keep our communities safe and contain the spread of COVID-19. It’s important to know the setting in your region or any region you’re travelling to and what you need to do to keep you and your whānau safe.

To find out what the traffic light setting is in a region and what you need to do at Red, Orange or Green, visit the Traffic lights page on the Unite against COVID-19 website.

Traffic lights


Many iwi have put together COVID-19 response plans for their hapū and marae. Check out the Information for Māori page on the Unite against COVID-19 website.

Guidance for marae

Me whai tiwhikete rongoā āraimate tonu? Are My Vaccine Passes still required?

Businesses are no longer required to see your My Vaccine Pass. However, businesses that use My Vaccine Pass can choose to keep that system if they want.

My Vaccine Pass is an official record of your COVID-19 vaccination status. The pass is compulsory for some jobs. If you intend to travel overseas, you may need to apply for a vaccination certificate as proof of your COVID-19 vaccination status.

For more information about vaccine passes and certificates, visit the Vaccine passes and certificates page on the Unite against COVID-19 website.

Passes and certificates

He aha ngā mahi a ngā iwi me te Māori hei tiaki i ō rātau hapori? What are Māori doing to protect their communities?

We are incredibly proud of the mahi iwi and Māori organisations around the motu are doing to respond to COVID-19. Check out some of their mahi through Te Puni Kōkiri and find other key information like Whānau Ora support, business help and contacting your local food bank.

Te Puni Kōkiri